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My experience taking the CISSP exam

  It's been 2 days since sitting my CISSP exam, which I experienced with difficulties and the unlikeliness that I would pass 1st time. Though this isn't a shock considering it's reported that 81% of individuals fail on their first attempt. During the penultimate day, I investigated this shocking figure by reviewing blogs and forums to hopefully grasp an understanding to why so many candidates fail. Turned out EVERYONE was talking about their stresses and personal emotions rather than talking about the fundamental aspects of the exam. I asked myself, "why the heck are people talking like this?". If the topic was about school plays or getting your first period I'd understand, though this was a credited yet highlight professional examination.

CISSP Revision: Cryptography

  The 'need to know' about cryptography for the CISSP exam

CISSP Chapter 7: Legal, Regulations, Compliance and investigations

  The 7th Chapter of the CISSP exam. This topic is all about the legal ethnic surrounding of data.

CISSP Chapter 8: Business Continuity Plan

  The BCP is the steps required for your organisation to be prepared in the event of an incident.

(CBK) Electronic CISSP exam experience

  After I underestimated the CISSP written exam achieving only 60% back in July 2012 (the pass rate is 70%), I decided to retake the exam though this time it was available to take it electronically. Pass or fail, I wanted to express my experience. It's gut-wrenching to even write this though recently I failed the electronic exam retake by 1.5%.

CISSP Learning Material

  I have pull together some recommended books and links for you CISSP revision. I've come across a number sources though below are the recommended information to use

The CISSP question structure

  I have a constructed a quasi question that some perspective on the actual exam questions.
Note: This exam question was constructed by myself and not from the real exam

CISSP Topic 1a: Information Security and Risk Management

  Out of the 10 domains, this is probably the easiest. It's fairly intuitive because it's packed with tangible knowledge that you can soak-up and digest in preparation for the exam. You will hear that the CISSP exam is a mile long and an inch deep meaning it covers a lot of topics without going too much into detail. There are topics that are much deeper though this one is fairly simplistic.

CISSP Topic 1b: Information Security and Risk Management

  Risk, as I mentioned, is highly valuable for corporate decision making. It allows the steering committee to review the risk assessments and allows them to make tactical or strategic decisions. When you approach upper management highlighting firewall ACL configuration deficiency require many man-hours, they will initially reject the idea because of the expense and probably the fact that they wouldn't have a freaking clue whatsoever on the issue. Instead, if you stress the severity and the business impact the firewall misconfiguration may cause, then the decision makers could relate and understand the technical issues. The decision makers are ultimately responsible and therefore would have to mitigate the risk meaning they would have to approve the request or accept the problem.

CISSP learning material

  Here are the links to posts that I've created in preparation to the CISSP exam.

Access Control (CISSP Topic 2a)

  Access Control is all about the security features that control how users and systems communicate with each other systems and resources. The objective is to protect the systems and resources from unauthorized access.

Retaking CISSP exam - wish me luck

  I have my CISSP exam coming up in mid Feb after failing it before. I completely underestimated the exam. I failed my retake exam, (CBK Electronic CISSP exam experience, and failed it by 1.5%.

CISSP Topic 2: Access Control - 1 of 2

  The fundamentals of the access control within the CISSP exam

CISSP Topic 2: Access Control - 2 of 3


CISSP Topic 2: Access Control - 3 of 3


CISSP Certification Salary for 2013

  The basis of the taking the certification shouldn't be tangibly measured on the average CISSP Certification Salary after the exam, but it should be more focused on constructing your career strategically. That said, people often use their salary as a measuring metric and being a CISSP certified individual certainly supports that salary boost.

My experience passing CISSP exam 2013

  Finally, after 14months or revision I passed my exam February 2013. I have put together 5 top tips on how to pass the dreaded exam

How many CISSP in USA?

  As the market tightens with a healthy competition for jobs whilst unemployment is 7.7% to date, I was wondering how many people within the USA have the CISSP certification.

Best way to gain CISSP CPE Points?

  The CPE (Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits are a tangiable way for a CISSP professional to present how they are continuing to expanding their knowledge as an IT professional

Ways to achieve free CISSP CPE credits

  OK now what? Well, you could sit back for 3 years with a smug impression on your face then re-take the exam (not recommended by the way), or you can maintain your CISSP status by collecting CPE (Continuing Professional Education credits) points over the 3 years and avoid another 6-hour exam (recommended!)

CISSP 2014 Salary

  I was fascinated in the salary when you're associated with the CISSP certification. I blogged about this in the 'CISSP Certification Salary of 2013' post though as we've jumped into 2014, I wanted to understand if the trend has continued to expand.