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Optimizing performance with LEFT OUTER joins

  When I was reviewing a complicated SQL query with LEFT OUTER joins with 2+ million results, I noticed that performance was critical. Normally with a few hundred queries, performance wouldn't be noticed. Though because there were many LEFT OUTER joins, with so many results, the execution time would extend beyond 40mins+.

Update SQL table with condition from same table

  Normally, you would use the traditional UPDATE, SET, WHERE DML to update the Oracle SQL database, though how do you update a SQL database using a a sub-query, which is referenced by the same Oracle table?

Can't install /home/oracle/Downloads/sqldeveloper- as no transaction

  I did experience an issue when I realized that I required an older sql developer to be installed to ensure the version that I wish to use matches

Cannot install sqldeveloper

  Can't install /home/oracle/Downloads/sqldeveloper- as no transaction

HOW TO: Enqueue a JMS_TEXT_MESSAGE from java to Oracle database Queue

  In this example, I've quickly highlighted the JMS (Java Message Service) components with a simple POJO (Plain Old Java Object) for an asynchronous oracle database queue as well as constructing a JMS_TEXT_MESSAGE to the queue.

SOLUTION OIM 11g - Data is Stale. Operation cannot be continued

  Often this issue occurs when you're trying to delete an old scheduled task or if you're performing an operation with a schedule task that may otherwise should be working though obviously it doesn't.