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OIM: Unable to find LoginModule class: weblogic.security.auth.login.UsernamePasswordLoginModule

  When trying to deploy the custom plugins within OIM, I was getting the following error:

OIM ANT command: Could not find or load main class oracle.iam.platformservice.utils.PluginUtility

  Whilst using the ant command to implement the plugin, I experienced an issue a 'Could not find or load main class oracle.iam.platformservice.utils.PluginUtility' error when executing the ant register command

Caused by: oracle.iam.platform.pluginframework.PluginException: The plugin zip does not contain the

  When executing the ant command, I would get a error stating that the plugin class files does not reside within the zip file.

Preparing the OIM 11g Custom Plugin files within JDeveloper

  This blog below outlines the file structure recommended for your plugin for your custom scheduled task within an OIM environment.

How to unregister a custom plugin in OIM 11g

  Very simple step on how to unregister your custom plugin

HOW TO: Manually import the metadata for OIM 11g custom plugins

  It took my a while to determine why my custom-made scheduled tasks were not showing up after following the new 11g 'how to create a scheduled task via plugin'. Turns out the META-INF folder is an optional which contains the metadata (task definition). If you don't have this file, you need to import the metadata file into the MDS manually.

Plugin registering utility - java.lang.NullPointerException

  When running the plugin utility, I would discover the following java null exception:

WLSTException: java.lang.SecurityException: MBean operation access denied

  When trying to export the metadata, probably using something such as exportMetadata(application='OIMMetadata',server='oim_server1',toLocation='/home/oracle/Oracle/Middleware/tmp'), I would receive the following error:

MDS-91020: MDS Application runtime MBean for "OIMMetadata" is not available in server "oim_server1".

  MDS-91020: MDS Application runtime MBean for "OIMMetadata" is not available in server "oim_server1". Ensure server name and application name are correct. "importMetadata" operation failure

OIM issues: An error occurred while deploying plug-in to OIM

  Installer, I would often receive the following popup error, An error occurred while deploying plug-in to OIM.

OIM issue - ORA-00001: unique constraint (PROD_OIM.PLUGINS_UNIQUE_NAME) violated

  The plugin that you are trying to deploy is conflicting with an existing plugin within your OIM environment.

HOW TO: Export OIM plugin

  Jeff Smith's blog covered the generic understanding on how to export out the OIM plugins, which was very useful.