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HOW TO: Install OIA

  These are the required steps to install Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA) on a RHEL environment

OIA Jasper reporting Issues RESOLVED!

  All the issues and solutions experienced whilst working with the JRXML reports

OIA LDAP Authentication with AD

  The actions required to configure an Active Directory to be used as the authentication repository.

Integrating OIM-OIA

  The steps required to integrate OIM (11g PS1) and OIA ( on weblogic (10.3.5)

HOW TO: Import hierarchical applications data (OIA)

  This article has been designed with the understanding that you know a more than basic knowledge of OIA meaning you have experience in data imports. My goal here is to express the mandatory requirements along with some best practice on importing account.

Creating an OIA ETL JPP scheduler

  After implementing OIA on a number of real-world engagements, Ive slowly grown tired of the 3rd party clover ETL scheduler configured OOTB for data imports. From my experience, many organizations have a centralized ETL framework for manipulations so theres no logical justification to segregate OIAs required ETL efforts. But what if theyre missing an ETL framework? Were talking about the minority of companies here though heres an alterative to scheduling imports into OIA.

Deploying OIM and OIA on the same domain

  Around 1 year ago I came across this issue and could not find a solution. 16-ish months later and I've solved how to have OIA and OIM 11g residing on the same admin domain though on separate managed servers.

Enable Exclusion of Roles Tab within OIA

  OOTB, the exclusion roles page are hidden within OIA. Enabling the exclusion tab is essential to begin configuring the preventative SOD's within OIA

Understanding Preventative SODs within OIA

  This article focuses on the preventative segregation of duties (SODs) as a feature within OIA.

Preventative SOD between access policies

  The intention here is highlight the policy violations and demonstrate the preventative SOD enforcements between policies. In this example, the word 'preventative' is used loosely. There are clear indications on the SOD enforcements though maybe not as expected.

HOW TO: Increase the OIA globaluser display search limit from 500

  By default, OIA will only display a maximun 500 Records. I have commonly worked with a high number of identities within OIA. Because of this, I have often had to increase the total value of identities (globalusers) displayed within the OIA GUI. Here is how to increase this value.

OIA data import: java.io.IOException (line 0)

  I experienced this failed import when trying to import some data feeds. If you've experienced OIA GUI logs before, you'll know the information is inadequate to determine the import.

OIA e-mail template and user sensitivity

  I have recently located the e-mail templates and parameters required for OIA once a certification has been created

HOW TO: Install OIA on linux 64bit

  The steps required to install OIA 11g and the latest patch.

Error deploying OIA: (org/aspectj/weaver/tools/PointcutPrimitive)

  If you're experiencing this error, then you've either got here by google or you're skipped steps in my previous blog.

HOW TO: Integrate OIA 11gR2 With OID LDAP

  So for the last two days I have been trying to get LDAP authentication working within OIA (11GR2) I did manage to construct an LDAP authentication and ignored the Release notes of OIA stating 'OIA has Dropped Support for LDAP Authentication'.

UNABLE to connect to a Weblogic J2EE JNDI datastore for OIA

  So if you've arrived at this website looking for a solution then you will be disappointed. I've spent most of today trying to configure a Weblogic JNDI data store for an OIA database connection by following the Oracle article, ' 3.7 To Configure J2EE Data Sources for Oracle Identity Analytics (Optional)'

Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA) 11g LDAP Integration for User Authentication

  A Video showing OIA 11g User Authentication against an OID localhost repository against Oracle Database 11.2.x on a Linux 64bit

Understanding Closed-loop Remediation within OIA

  Rumors have it, the mechanical toy company Meccano, intentionally developed their instructions incorrectly to develop ingenuity for the developing minds. I guess Oracle are trying to adopt the same nature. If this is true, then the Identity Certification Remediation Steps follow that same ruling.

Refresh OIA Database

  This post goes through the steps demolish the OIA environment and refresh one. This can be achieved by executing the DB version script and all it's incremental versions.

HOW TO: Relabel OIA values within web GUI

  Here are the steps required to relabel the attribute values within the OIA web UI.

HOW TO: Resolve case sensitive global users for OIA

  Typically, OIA would use the global user import will use the Username as the authoritative information for that identity. Based on different scenarios, OIA will treat this in a different manner.

HOW TO: Enable risk Summary Maintenance Jobs within OIA

  In recent Oracle Identity Analytics versions, risk summary can be associated to all the values such as accounts, attribues, entitlements, role, policies yarda yarda yarda. Here are the steps on how to complete this

HOW TO: Enable risk Summary within Identity Certification

  In recent Oracle Identity Analytics versions, risk summary can be associated to all the values such as accounts, attribues, entitlements, role, policies yarda yarda yarda. Here are the steps on how to complete this

Issue with OIA 11g: com.vaau.rbacx.iam.oracle.usersToRoleLimit

  I noticed that Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA) is readily available though I was experiencing difficulties with the installation of the new patch. I currently had OIA installed and wished to migrate it up.

OIA OIM Issue: Unable to import users

  The following error occurred when trying to import users from OIM into OIA.

Including Description in attribute glossary for OIA 11g

  How to import description into OIA

ORA-01400 - cannot insert NULL into ("SCHEMA"."TABLE_NAME"."COLUMN_NAME")

  Whilst importing accounts into OIA via a flat file feed, you check the progress within the import/Export logs then you're presented with the ERROR exception level with the UTTER USELESS description of 'Unable to import accounts'

New issues with NameNotFoundException: Unable to resolve 'jdbc.OIADataSource'

  I came across this issue when trying to initiate a java connection to the weblogic data source.

OIA - IO ERROR IO error during reading file

  The steps required to resolve the 'IO error during reading file' within OIA 11g

Including Description in attribute glossary for OIA 11g

  You will noticie within OIA document under the title, '2.2.6 Importing Glossary Names' for glossary imports, the expected schema file for 11g are as follows:

HOW TO: Configure OIA 11g Remediation Tracking

  The oracle documentation has not published the configuration steps to setup the remediation tracking within OIA.

OIA ERROR: IDCUserEntitlementSummary: / by zero

  Whilst creating and accessing the certification within OIA, I experienced this warning.

ISSUE: OIA java.lang. NoClassDefFoundError: org/ apache/log4j/Category

  When starting up OIA (oracle Identity Analytics), you may experience the following error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/log4j/Category

Unable to start the Universal Connection Pool - Oracle Identity Analytics 11g

  When configuring OIA with WLS server clustering environment, I noticed the following error when trying to startup WLS Unable to start the Universal Connection Pool: oracle.ucp.UniversalConnectionPoolException: Error during pool creation in Universal Connection Pool Manager MBean: oracle.ucp.UniversalConnectionPoolException: Error during pool creation in Universal Connection Pool Manager: oracle.ucp.UniversalConnectionPoolException: Universal Connection Pool already exists in the Universal Connection Pool Manager. Universal Connection Pool cannot be added to the Universal Connection Pool Manager]

OIM OIA Integration issue: Unable to get current Data Collection Session ID

  Whilst connecting OIM with OIA, you may receive an error stating that you cannot receive the 'current Data Collection Session ID'. OIM data collection scheduler has to be enabled, which by default it is, though you may be experiencing the following error whilst attempting to import the usr or application data.

OIA 11g Data Source: Driver's Blob representation is of an unsupported type

  After following OIA installation guide on how to setup a data source with Weblogic, I came across Blob_oracle_sql_BLOB issue

OIM OIA: Unable to import custom properties

  After mapping oracle OIA 11g custom properties with OIM UDF attributes multiple times, it's almost second nature for me on the required tasked

[Deployer:149026]start application OIA on AdminServer

  I experienced this issue when I was re-deploying the same web app (OIA) from one server, to another by simply sftp'ing over the file to the new server and deploying that.

OIA Risk Levels

  OIA will take into consideration the aggregated risk-based factors and determine the risk summary based on the highest value based on these factor. The result will provide the risk level.

OIA Deployment: FileUtils$WrappedFile as it does not have a no-args constructor

  When starting up OIA, I would come across the following error:

How to use parameters in OIA reports

  Firstly, download the fire add on live http headers as it will allow you to see what is getting passed through the HTTP headers.

OIA Deployment: FileUtils$WrappedFile as it does not have a no-args constructor

  When starting up OIA, I would come across the following error:

OIA - Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap not found

  When executing the following command on RHEL...

[MLRbacxRoleMiningServiceImpl] Attribute seems to be incomplete or not usable in mining

  [MLRbacxRoleMiningServiceImpl] Attribute seems to be incomplete or not usable in mining

Expanding the number of users selection for Identity Role Mining within OIA

  Within Oracle Identity Analytics, the limit of users by default is set to 500. This is set low because role mining (or whatever terminology you use whether it's role management, role analytics etc) requires excessive server resources to complete. That said, OIA 11g cannot go beyond 1000 simultaneous users.

OIA Issue: java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap not found

  When running a jar command, I would receive the following error: