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OIM DesignConsole error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/ejb/CreateException

  You may notice the following error when you try and start up OIM design console:


  When progressing through the Oracle Identity and Access Management Configuration, the 'Configure OIM Server' status would fail with the error Exception occurred while encrypting the configuration and database, step Configure OIM Server failed

ERROR: LRM-00109: could not open parameter file opt oracle 112 dbs initorcl.ora

  ERROR: LRM-00109: could not open parameter file /opt/oracle/112/dbs/initorcl.ora

Steps to install OIM 11g R2 PS2

  The steps I took to get OIM11gR2PS2 installed and running on RHEL 6.3 using a VM

Ensure that Oracle Identity Manager (XE/EE) is configured properly in the domain

  When configuring my environment for OIM 11gR2PS2, I would receive the following error

OIM11gR2PS2 Error - Check the SOA version compatibility

  When attempting to configure OIM, I would receive the following error when trying to connect to the Weblogic instance 'Check the SOA version compatibility'

Error creating connection pool "oimOperationsDB" whilst trying to startup the OIM managed server

  When starting up the OIM WLS instance, I would receive the following error

Minimal Weblogic memory allocation for OIM 11gR2PS2

  I could not locate the absolute memory allocation for the Weblogic managed servers for OIM and SOA. Allocating the maximum allocation pool (-Xmx), heap size, does not allocate the total RAM memory to the Weblogic managed servers. Items outside the realms of the maximum allocations poll, such as thread stacks, perm sizes, and library memory allocations also need to be considered.

Starting up SOA - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

  It's likely that you've either run out of memory, or that the heap size allocated is insufficient

ORA-00001: unique constraint (DEV_OIM.UK_MLS_LOCALE_MLS_LOCALE_CODE) violated

  Whilst installing and configuring OIM 11gR2PS2, I experienced the following error:

Issues when initiating Oracle Database whilst installing OIM11gR2PS2

  I came across so many issues when trying to pack OIM 11gR2PS2 on my 7.5GB VM image. One alteration I had constantly manipulate was the control file.

OIM Weblogic Startup - ORA-04031: unable to allocate 264 bytes of shared memory

  When starting up the OIM managed server, I would receive the following error:

Installing OIM 11gR2PS2 Customization Installer JDeveloper Extension

  The steps required to use the exposed OIM 11gR2PS2 APIs from JDeveloper to your VM OIM instance, running on MAC and RHEL respectively. The example below goes through a quick demonstration on how to create a user using the exposed OIM APIs

Another solution for the OIM Design Console issue - 'An unknown error code was passed'

  When working on the configuration of the design console within OIM and when I encountered an error.

Caused by: oracle.iam.platform.pluginframework.PluginException: The plugin zip does not contain the

  When executing the ant command, I would get a error stating that the plugin class files does not reside within the zip file.