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The Oracle Linux Server disk was not found in any of your drives.

  After I decided to rebuild the VMware image of Oracle Linux Server 6.0 by using the iso file downloaded from the Oracle Software cloud, I would receive the following error:

SOLUTION: Unable to startup linux GUI

  After extracting the ISO for Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.0 and installing this within the VM, it would by default startup within the CMD.

pdksh-5.2.14 package missing for Oracle DB install

  Whilst installing Oracle 11g R2 DB in preparation for the Oracle Identity Manager installation (OIM 11gR2), you mad receive an error stating that package pdksh-5.2.14 is missing.

HOW TO: Fix 'grayed out' wireless connection on Linux (VMware)

  Networking disabled Linux for VMware when attempting to setup a wireless connection on the Virtual Machine by using VMWare

HOW TO: Open ports on RHEL or OEL

  This blog guides you through the the steps that you need to take to open RHEL firewall ports.