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OpenAM Issue - Unable to get Application SSO Token

  This is certainly a weird one though I managed to work it out. The error string value states that the agent deployment was 'Unable to get Application SSO Token'

HOW TO: Integrate Spring Security with OpenAM SDK Style!

  Here are the steps on how to integrate the Forgerock spring security web example with your ForgeRock OpenAM instance.

ISSUE: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.identity.agents.filter.AmAgentFilter

  When deploying the agent within your local environment or deploying from eclipse, you'll likely come across the 'java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.identity.agents.filter.AmAgentFilter' error when compiling or deploying to a particular server.

OpenAM Issue - Invalid content was found starting with element 'display-name'

  When integrating with the OpenAM and an application, I would receive a syntax error when trying to populate the application with the filter as part of the web.xml population. You can see the display-name error when working with the eclipse IDE.