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HOW TO: Broadcast your website over the Internet

  Simple free Techniques to submit your website across the Internet

100 unique visitors!

  First milestone achieved and well done me! TC managed to get 100+ unique visitors since it was born 65 days ago with the current rate of around 3 unique visitors a day.

New features developed!!!

  I still have the full intention on continuing to build up TechnicalConfessions.com. Here are some of the new features I've developed and what I have lined up for the website

HOW TO: Re-position your google ads by using CSS

  After arriving home from a friends house, I thought I'd amuse myself and check whether Google had made any progress in presenting some advertisement. Turns out Google don't mess around, I could see my advert, fantastic!

I did however experience some trouble in aligning the advert correctly. The intention was to align the advert flush with the rest of the information. I achieve this by declaring some CSS parameters and assigning them to a specific 'div', which inside contained the code I extracted from Adsense.

500 Unique Visitors + new features

  I've hit the 500 unique mark and averaging around 20 new individual per weekday, which I am content with. I have also introduced some NEWLY DEVELOPED FEATURES to the website as part of my expansion and development.

1000+ Unique Visitors + Now a ranked website

  After hitting the 500 unique mark with an average of 20 unique individuals a pay, I have now passed the 1000+ mark with an acceleration of 50+ identities during the weekday. At this rate, I should be getting 1000+ unique visitors a month.

Why you shouldn't create your own search engine

  Whilst at my computer desk, I was watching the Saturday game between Newcastle United verses West Bromich Albion. I had the girlfriend just waking up by the sun breaking between the curtains. I thought to myself, 'what should be my first thing to do today...

The story so far - February 2013

  Technical confessions is coming up to it's 1 year birthday with a couple of months to go and I have to say that I'm heavily pleased with the progress the website.

Add java code within blog

  Here are the steps on how to add colourful java code within your custom blog.