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HOW TO: This role-type is not authorized to change server settings. Please contact the Administrator

  Once the OPAM installation was made, I noticed within the OPAM GUI the following error...

HOW TO: Configure OPAM 11gR2

  Here are the following steps required to configure OPAM 11.1.2 (11gR2)

HOW TO: Configure OPAM 11gR2 users to authenticate OID authentication

  Here are the steps required to allow OID users can authenticate into OPAM in order for them to view their privileged accounts.

HOW TO: Resolve 'Bind Failed' issue within OID

  The solution to the bind issue when trying to log into OID 11gR1 on a unix 64 bit environment.

How to install OPAM (Oracle Privileged Account Manager) 11gR2 on Linux 64bit

  Oracle Privileged Account Manager (OPAM) is one of the newer products within the Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 package

ISSUE RESOLVED: ./opam-config.sh: line 66: ant: command not found

  I was executing the shell scripted for Oracle Privileged Account Manager 11g2R when I was receiving the following error:

ISSUE Resolved: OPAM: ORACLE_HOME set to a wrong location

  When installing Oracle's OPAM on a linux environment, I came to realize that the document was stating that I needed to set ORACLE_HOME for OPAM, though it was already set for the other Oracle fusion middleware products, such as OIM,OIA,SOA,OID etc.

SOLUTION: A Privileged Account Manager Server Configuration error caused a connection failure

  The steps required to resolve the issue when you receive the following error within OPAM 11gR2: 'A Privileged Account Manager Server Configuration error caused a connection failure'