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HOW TO: take a full backup of OIM 10g ( database

  Here are the steps that were taken to create a full backup of the Oracle Identity Manager 10g ( database.

How to configure log files for OIM 10g (9101)

  A simple step-by-step blog on how to configure the OIM 10g (9101) logs into a file

Creating a custom report for OIM 10g

  The step-by-step guide on how to construct custom reports from within OIM 10g.

Creating a custom report for OIM 10g (Part 2)

  The other steps required to create a custom report within OIM 10g

Error with OIM 10g Custom Reports: RESOLVED

  I spend over a day starting at the reasons why I was getting this error when I was creating OIM 10g custom reports. When I put in a query, I would be presented with a white (blank) screen.

Issue importing Reconciliation files in OIM 10g (

  Even though it was indicating that the simple HR data feed import was successful, it was in fact failing with the following error:

OIM 10g reconciliation: tcUSR/eventPreInsert Error :Mandatory fields are blank or null

  I was following the Oracle learning when I came across this issue whilst attempting to construct a HR data feed reconciliation with OIM

OIM 10g createUserRecord issue: java.lang.NullPointerException

  I came across this issue when importing in HR data feeds into an OIM database.

OIM 10g resource terminologies

  I am always a true believer that you learn best when you build up your knowledge on existing information. I often find myself scratching my head when I'm left with knowledge gaps whilst learning the technicalities and terminologies of OIM.

Memory Allocation for OIM/SOA/OIA

  Memory is a pain-in-the-bum, especially when it comes to the new Oracle 11g fusion middleware stack.

OIM 10g Issue: LDAP: error code 49

  Came across this error log when trying to integrate AD with OIM 10g