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I LOVE New York City

  (MORE TO COME) Pictures taken whilst living in the big apple

Only in America

  (MORE TO COME) Some random things I have noticed whilst living in NYC to date

So, why the f*ck do I not have any money?

  The extravagant lifestyle by making it rain in strip clubs or showing respect to your dead homies my pouring Cristal on the floor always falls short from reality. Budgeting isn't something I'd label myself with. I've always believed that budgeting software such as Microsoft Money 2006 was a big pile of coding-b*llsh*t with the sole intention to make profit. Furthermore, the domain of this software was limited to your localhost meaning that in order for Microsoft Money to understand your budget, you'd have to manually type all of your expenses... though what's the point of that? "I know what I spent Microsoft Money, I just bloody told ya!!!".

How to reveal a stored password from a website

  You're not stupid, you know you shouldn't store facebook passwords on communal computers just incase you get 'facebook raped', which I believe sounds too crude even to my standards. Before social media, taunting someone that they 'got raped' was a horrific thing to say, now its seems completely acceptable. Facebook is now allowing API's to authenticate though there's no enforced regulations over the internet nor a mutual handshake between facebook and the host presenting the login... Meaning there's nothing stopping me (apart from the ethnic considerations) to construct a quasi interface saying 'log into facebook' though all your doing is giving me your credentials, cheers gullible easy person, time to be 'facebook raped'!

Finally, Technical Confessions.com has arrived!!

  ARCHIVE - Welcome to my blog and to be honest, it's about bloody time!

No IPad for the girlfriend this birthday

  I'm in a dilemma on what to get the girlfriend for her birthday. I imagine a 'happy birthday' text message would not quite cut her expectations, especially when she jokes about 'cutting me up' if I fail to impress. There has been hints on the new IPad 3 which I've at least contemplated.

Dream Team 12/13 - Bargain players

  Today I discovered there's a new fantasy football season (yay!) and like every football season, I've spent around 4hours scouting the potential players and reviewing there past statistics!

TOP 10: Worse buzz-words used in IT security

  Here's a collection of annoying buzz words that I find people using whilst working within the IT industry. If you are reading this and you find yourself using any one of these top 10, please go ahead and hit yourself in the face

HOW NOT to become a MLS head Coach Superstar

  Thinking that no mountain is big enough to climb whilst contemplating an alternative career path, I decided to apply directly to the MLS head quarters in my local town of New York and pursue my ambitious goal (no pun intended) and become a head coach at a major soccer team

How much good or bad luck can someone have?

  My better-half has recently adopted the word 'YOLO' (You Only Live Once), which is overly-used by the younger generation doing dumb stuff. So with this in mind, the girlfriend and I 'YOLO'd' by spontaneously taking a trip to Atlantic City for the weekend.

Dear brother

  To show my gratitude to you and the soliders in Afghanistan, my girlfriend Haley and I decided to buy you a 'manly goodie pack' as a present whilst you're on the front line.

Unacceptable words in the game 'words with friends'

  Since I moved from Scrabble to word with friends, I have noticed some unacceptable words that I would otherwise consider to be acceptable. I have been compelling a list since I questioned my first rejected word.

HOW TO: Talk to a real person ebay

  I sold a computer on ebay though it was delivered damaged (The hard drive would not load the OS). As ebay heavily supports the buyer instead of the seller

My 3 predictions of 2013

  Well it's almost the end of 2012 and I'm ready to turn over those 2012 leaves and time to focus on 2013. I also thought it would good to make some independent decisions on what will be the focal points of 2013 and see if can predict what will happen in the IT world

Cheating @ Words with friends

  Given the possibility of losing, I take words-with-friends very seriously, especially when I'm playing my close friends because I hate losing. I have noticed in the past that some acronym are valid in the game.

HOW TO: Get a cheaper rate with Marriott Hotels

  After working in Philadelphia and staying in an hotel week-by-week, I often like to get an evening meal in the hotel bar and grab some nutrition prior to the evening events. Whilst I was trying to complete my solutions design document for Identity certification and RBAC framework, I nice guy called Jeff engaged with me in a light conversion Jeff, a telecommunications consultant working for a health care company, was wanting to talk about everything. College basketball on TV, Local Strip Clubs and Phili Cheese Steak.

What? Facebook is telling me to buy my girlfriend a $1 cookie!? FACEBOOK, YOU CAN PISS OFF!!

  Firstly, this isn't a Valentine cookie, this is a virtual representation that is basically some form of POST API web service once I've handed over my credit card details.

What is the password for the American Express Preferred Seating?

  I am fairly new to the American Express Preferred Seating, which is often used through ticketmaster to book for sports events or shows. As an American Express Platinum Card holder, I decided to contact AMEX customer service and query about the secret password that was needed to get the special seats.

My AMEX Platinum Experience so far

  So I've had my AMEX card for around 3 months so I decided to review my benefits which I inherited with my AMEX platinum.

I'm back - July 2013!

  It's been a while since I last blogged. It's probably been around 10-12 weeks. I could calculate it though I cannot be arsed to look at my last blog post date. There's been a number of reasons why I have not took too much of an interest. Perhaps the novelty on blogging on my own website has warn off. Maybe I've been busy dealing with life's personal problem or it could be suggested that I've been busy on other factors that's been placed on my lap in recent times.

Testing Quiz


google maps pokemon locations

  Today as part of an April Fool's prank, Google updated Google Maps for iOS and Android to include Pokmon. Let's try to find all of them!